Reasons For Saving Water

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I’m sure you’ve heard it all on your quest to conserving water and reducing the amount you use every day. Some folks just don’t seem to understand it. “Why save water? I’m the one paying the bill so it’s my choice to use as much as I please.” They just don’t seem to get it! Continue reading

How To Save Water Every Day

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So it’s unavoidable, we’re going to need water during our day. From washing the dishes and drinking water to washing ourselves, some things simply must happen. No matter how much we want to save water, necessity dictates.

So how can we save water while doing the very things that use most of the water in our daily lives? What steps can be taken here and now, to decrease our expenditure of water?

We’ve collected a few of our favorite…

Continue readingHow To Save Water Every Day

How To Save Water Now

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In the world of saving water, there are many ways to get started today! The best part is, you not only start to save a little bit of money immediately, but you start to help the planet feel a little bit happier too! Continue reading

Hello And Welcome To The Clean Water Pipe Council!

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Clean Water pipe Council. We are dedicated to helping the communities of our world become more “green” and environmentally friendly.

It’s our mission to help as many people as possible on the path to becoming more aware of their own carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for more content!

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